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Budapest, the capital of Hungary is the political, cultural, educational, economic-financial, administrative, commercial, and transportation centre of the country. Budapest is the ninth most populated city in the European Union. It is situated in both sides of the River Danube where the Hungarian Plain and the Budaer Hills meet. Thanks to its geographical characteristic  features Budapest is considered to be one of the mos beautifully located capitals in the world. Moreover, it is a city  famous for its curative thermal waters. The most spectacular part of the capital – the banks of the River Danube – was declared as a Unesco World Heritage site.

Event venues

The building of the Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament building, a magnificent example of neo-gothic architecture, displaying neo-baroque and neo-renaissance characters too, is over 110 years old. It is the world’s third largest parliament building.

It is a symmetric building as there were 2 chambers in the house; the former Upper House, the House of Lords and the former Lower House, the House of Commons. The actual work of our parliament takes place in the wing of the former Lower House. The whole building occupies 18 000 square metres on the surface and it consists of 27 entrance gates, 11 elevators, 10 innercourtyards, 29 staircases. The length of all the stairs measures about 20 kilometres, the most impressive of them all is the grand staircase  leading up to the Dome Hall where the Hungarian Coronation Regalia is displayed, as the most prized treasure of the Hungarian nation. It includes the Holy Crown of St. Stephen our first king, the orb, the sceptre and a Renaissance sword. It is the most extensive building has been ever built in Hungary and it is our national landmark in Budapest.

The building of the Redoute

The actual building was designed by Frigyes Feszl in the style of Hungarian historicism and built in the second half of the 19th century. It contains several concert halls and a grand ballroom. Franz Liszt was a regular artist who used to give concerts her and others like Johann Strauss Jr., Mascagni, Dvořak and Debussy. Ernő Dohnányi had his first solo concert here, moreover Annie Fisher and Bela Bartok made their debuts here once upon a time. It was reopened in 2014 after a big renovation under the Motto „Art in the Centre”.

The building of Hotel Gellert

The world famous Hotel Gellert was built in Art Nouveau style, opened in 1908. It is specialized in thermal and health tourism, has 239 rooms and several suites. The four-star hotel is owned by the hotel chain, Danubius Hotels Group. In the same building with the hotel there is the Gellert Bath and Spa, the most spectacular of the termal bathes of Budapest, decorated with marvellous Zsolnay ceramic tiles.