2. SECTION – Special measures of the infrastructure managers targeting to increase competitiveness of railfreight

Jan 31, 2018


The Hungarian Parliament


There will be reporting on the already in progress and planned infrastructural investments of the V4+ countries, with a particular focus on the connections of railfreight, developing the transcontinental railfreight corridors, presenting the assurance of the last milestone railway connections which is important from the perspectives of the infrastructure managers as well, who are concerned about the North – South railfreight connections.


  • Włodzimierz Żmuda

    Board Member, Director for Development and Investment Preparation

    PKP PLK S.A.

  • Radek Cech

    Director of Strategy Department


  • Miroslav Kocák

    Deputy Director-General for Operations


  • László Veszprémi

    Deputy director general for operations

    MÁV Zrt.

  • Szilárd Kövesdi


    GYSEV Zrt.