Imre Kovács

Imre Kovács dr.

CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rail Cargo Hungaria

After his university studies he started working at the border inspection post of Sopron by GySEV, but he had got continuously responsible orders connected to rail freight services. Within a few years he was promoted head of department, and then deputy director of commercial and railway traffic. He joined to MÁV as a manager of rail freight management business. In this position he has built the network of rail freight, certified by the most successful Hungarian privatisation. He ensured that the already Austrian owned railway company will be capable of withstanding the liberalised rail market situation in the years of the crisis. With his management Rail Cargo Hungaria has optimised its operation, united its capacities with one of the biggest rail freight company of Europe, with Rail Cargo Group and the Hungarian group remained the market leader.
Dr. Imre Kovács has made a major contribution to providing the single wagon traffic with a national coverage. 80 % of the company’s turnover is cross-border freight, which strengthens the expansion towards Southeast Europe of the Rail Cargo Group.
Besides managing Rail Cargo Group, he has an active role in managing other RCG undertakings too, he is the managing director of Rail Cargo Carrier International Rail Freight Company too.